Tuesday, July 15, 2014

More Media About Kohler Golf Course On Private And State Park Land

The proposed Kohler Co. golf course in a private nature preserve along Lake Michigan and also on public land in the adjacent Kohler Andrae State Park near Sheboygan is beginning to generate mainstream media coverage and company public relations reaction, too.

An archive of blog posts prior to this one, here.

Also weighing in - - a major statewide conservation organization - - The John Muir Chapter of the Sierra Club- - which emailed this notice Monday in support of local opponents.

Wisconsin - John Muir Chapter

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Attend the Public Hearing on Kohler's Proposed Golf Course Wed., July 16!
The Kohler company has proposed constructing a 247 acre golf course in the Black River Forest north of Kohler Andrae State Park.  Although the bulk of the development would be on private land, the company also seeks an easement for a maintenance shed and road that would impact 12 acres of state park land. If constructed, this would be Kohler's 5th luxury golf course in the area.  A local citizens group,Friends of the Black River Forest, has formed to voice concerns about the potential for this development to destroy native forest, sand dunes, and Indian mounds. They are also concerned about increased runofffrom fertilizer and pesticidesimpacting water quality of the Black River (already impaired due to excess phosphorus) and Lake Michigan.

To learn more, read the recent posts on this issue on James Rowen's excellent blog, the Political Environment, and read the recent article on the golf course in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Citizens who would like to take action can sign this petition, and if you live in the Sheboygan area, attend the Town of Wilson public hearing this Wednesday, July 16 at 6:30 PM, 5935 S. Business Drive, Sheboygan, WI.  Thank you for supporting the Friends of the Black River Forest in their efforts to protect this beautiful area.

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