Thursday, July 24, 2014

There Are TWO Walker/WEDC Videos Touting Trek

Before Wrong-Way had to hate on Trek because the founder's daughter Mary Burke had the temerity to run for Governor against the Unintimidated One, WEDC - - the troubled jobs agency that Walker created and chairs to bring jobs to Wisconsin - -  produced and posted two videos touting Trek as a Wisconsin success story. Check out videos before they get deleted (as have other things, like this one, also).

Video A. (Walker delivers the intro. Trek is at the 2:03 minute mark).

Video B. All Trek, cited by WEDC.


Anonymous said...

Can't believe there is footage of " rail"
At the 3:25 mark, considering slippery Scott killed thousands of jobs and tossed away millions of research dollars already invested in the Milwaukee - Madison project. Seems ironic at best.

Also I wonder if Walker is telling his major funders, like Herb Kohler of The Kohler Company and the Koch boys from Koch Industries that he is vehemently opposed to their historical practices of moving good manufacturing jobs to places like China. Or is it Walker just doesn't approve if the people who run the company's are Democrats? If he( Walker had a spine... Even if it was made of rubber) if he was so upset about off shoring jobs, wouldn't ya think he'd say NO to campaign contributions from people who began the movement in the early 80's. Kohler's first move was to Mexico and he built one of Mexico's largest manufacturing plants, a few years later.

But the sad reality is that, Walker doesn't only take Kohler's cash he has met privately with Herb, months before his recent Golf Development was made public. Smoothing the way, and getting the DNR out of the way.

Listening to Walker supporters reminds me of a movie we saw in 6th grade, about the Lemming migration. I watched with flow classmates as tens of thousands of lemmings followed their leader over the cliff to their death. With these " human lemmings" though, the don't die when their leader does, they just find another smooth talking, " empty suit"...

Anonymous said...

I don't believe WEDC's purpose is to bring jobs to WI. I believe its purpose is to funnel state money to Republican donors.