Thursday, July 17, 2014

Hearing On Kohler Golf Course Produces Lopsided Opposition

[Updated 8:08 a.m.] Early reports from citizen activists at the Town of Wilson Wednesday night hearing on the Kohler golf course proposal:

*  More than 300 attendees.

*  100 registrations against, three in favor.

*  Heavy criticism of the proposed golf course's incompatibilities with the current Town development plan.

*  Calls for an independent environmental impact statement, as a 247-acre nature preserve would be converted to an 18-hole golf course. Concerns expressed about impacts on wildlife, native plants, The Black River on the site, etc. (Note the river is already listed as impaired due to phosphorus runoff.)

*  Hearing was adjourned with no decisions taken. Additional information expected form the developer.

This is the Journal Sentinel account.

More, later.

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