Monday, July 14, 2014

Must-Have Info About Walker-WisDOT Weekend I-94 Closure

As a better wag than I wrote in the comments below:
"Time for some traffic problems in Milwaukee?"
WisDOT is closing all I-94 traffic this weekend through the Zoo Interchange, the state's busiest, as part of interchange 'improvements, below.'

Yes, despite the presence right there of the Regional Medical Complex, the landmark destination Milwaukee County Zoo and the scheduling of the lakefront Festa Italiana that always draws heavily from Waukesha County - - no I-94 for you this weekend.

You can consult the light rail service availability, here.

It will be interesting, in the long run, to determine if the billion or so dollars being spent to rebuild the interchange produce equivalent benefits   - - or whether other phenomena, like induced demand, or the fall-off of driving by aging boomers and/or driving-disinterested millenials come into play to influence the equation.
But in the near term, like today, WisDOT should tell the WI Department of Tourism to put information about the weekend I-94 closure on its event webpage and map posted about the festival.


Anonymous said...

Insane. No governor in our history would be this stupid. When you're leaching the concrete teat, this is how low you go.

Anonymous said...

So what? If you had your way, it would be permanently closed.

May I suggest Bluemound, Greenfield, or 894 to one of the MCTS park and ride lots.

Bridget Kelly said...

Time for some traffic problems in Milwaukee?

James Rowen said...

@Bridget - - Comment of the month, right there!

Anonymous said...

It going to be really nice for automobile traffic flow when it's done.

Were those photo's taken from the dash of a micro-bus?

Anonymous said...

Does Walker hate NML? It's NML's annual convention weekend, one of the largest conventions in the city and, indeed, in the state, every year. Why would Walker hate the oldest corporation in the state? But NML is a good citizen of the city, so it must be punished?

Anonymous said...

So Bridget- who directed you to send that email? You can tell us, we're all friends here.