Thursday, July 17, 2014

Questions Galore For The David Clarke Campaign

Milwaukee right-wing talkers on AM 620 WTMJ are pushing crossover Republican voting in the Aug. 12 Democratic Party to re-elect David Clarke, the ultra-rightist conservative incumbent who pretends to be a Democrat come election time.

They also see a fantastical scenario wherein significantly more crossover GOP votes are attracted to Clarke by the Democratic challenge to incumbent  Cong. Gwen Moore by former State Sen. Gary George, but that pipe dream doesn't justify any more bytes here.

Veteran Milwaukee journalist Dom Noth gets into the politics behind the campaign, and explains why the NRA wants David Clarke re-elected.

And just as I was finishing this posting, the letter carrier delivered an odd Clarke mailer.

The mailer asks for votes in the August 12 primary without saying on which ballot Clarke is running - - and again, that's more of Clarke's running away from his purported Democratic identity.

But wait, there's more to the mailer, and along with it, more questions:

"PROTECTION NOT POLITICS," it proclaims in great big all-caps.

Really, from the local official who most regularly speaks through righty GOP radio talker Charlie Sykes, on the air and by email?

Clarke also lists "Dignitary training" at the top of his list of "advanced training" areas. This from the sheriff who trimmed that very unit's participation in a presidential visit before President Obama's motorcade drove into Milwaukee - - and was accused of 'politics, not protection' for doing so:
Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. came under fire Wednesday for scaling back his department's contribution to security for President Barack Obama's visit to Milwaukee. 
Milwaukee Common Council President Willie Hines Jr. and Milwaukee County Board Chairman Lee Holloway accused Clarke of playing politics on the issue. Clarke has blamed his department's reduced role in presidential security on county budget cuts. His spokeswoman said presidential security wasn't diminished because the State Patrol added officers...
Holloway said he was "really disappointed that the sheriff is playing heavy politics with security for dignitaries." Supervisor Eyon Biddle Sr. urged Clarke to "man up" and constructively deal with his budget cuts.
Fran McLaughlin, the spokeswoman for Clarke, said the State Patrol agreed to fill in for controlling traffic at all freeway ramps along the route Obama's motorcade took in Milwaukee. 
That task normally accounts for the largest portion of the manpower assigned to dignitary protection by the sheriff's office - deputies assigned to cover freeway ramps - and was not done for Wednesday's presidential visit, she said.
Finally, what's with the little tornado flying out of Clarke's shirt pocket in a photo on the campaign flyer? 
Printing error or a subliminal claim to weather disaster leadership? What am I missing here, or not?

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