Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Facing Bad Polling, Walker, Allies Will Slime Burke And Wisconsin

Wrong-Way Walker - - his wrongs catching up to him and to voters' perceptions, too - - will back up the attack ad slime trucks and dump their loads on to the Wisconsin airwaves.

Walker probably has 100% name recognition, unlike Burke, and the more people follow Walker's failing jobs' performance and extremist views, the more they realize Walker has to go.


Anonymous said...

His ads show what a classless individual he is. He can't run on his record so he's trying to paint Mary Burke the same ugly color that he is. But she's not going take the bait and she'll remain on the high road and tell Wisconsin how she'll return the state to the people not to the corporate out of state money interests that fund Walker's campaign. Walker must feel he is governing a state of fools. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize that when wealthy people who don't even live in this state fund his campaign it is to rewarded with laws and legislation that benefit them not the people who reside here.

tomkraj said...

Marquette Poll #38. Which is more important for someone to have before becoming Governor: extensive political experience or extensive business experience? Business Experience 59% Political Experience 27%

This is why he attacks Standard GOP strategy - attack opponent at their strongest point.

Anonymous said...

The purpose of walker's slime is to depress turnout. I don't disagree with anything here.

However, to win, we need to understand the purpose of the attack ads and continue to find ways to get people out to the polls even though they will be sick of this entire process before the leaves change color.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Agree that it's a strategy to make people say "they all suck, I won't vote." Which tells you just how bad a situation Walker's in, since any incumbent who does this has failed in convincing enough people to stick with him in the first place.

The Burke and DPW people would be wise not to wrestle in the mud too much here. Not only is Walker and WisGOP's argument very lame and borderline counterproductive (check out Scotty's "humina, humina" answer today about whether outsourcing is OK), but it's clearly an attempt to get the discussion of issues off-track.

Burke should do semi-positive ads that have her in it, to pre-empt some future GOP attacks, and the Dems can go after Scotty's corruption and failure. Because we'll have plenty more examples of Walkerfail coming in the next few weeks.

CJ said...

Slightly off topic but MB could take a cue from Robert LaFollette. Besides, it's a terrific read and important slice of WI history.

How little things have changed.

Anonymous said...

Jake -- this in no way says its how bad things are for scottie -- these types of negative campaigns are the hallmark of his career and it is exactly what he did in june 2012.

And how did that one turn out? Well it was stolen, as they intend to hijack this one.

Maybe some feel better with brash statements that are not accurate -- but it really isn't going to win this fight.

geoman7447 said...

I hope the polls keep giving Mary Burke larger and larger leads up through the one in November where we send Scott Walker back to the private sector he loes so much for some "real money."