Monday, July 28, 2014

Warning Against Ignoring Climate Change Ignored By WI DNR

When it comes to climate change and the administration of Wrong-Way Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, ignorance is both bliss and policy:

A key US business and diplomatic figure pens a strong warning against ignoring the climate change issue.

And as I have noted more than once on this blog, a key climate change web page put up by the Wisconsin DNR has not been updated since June, 2012.

Worse, some information was scrubbed after Walker's inauguration and installation atop the DNR of bis chamber of commerce mentality because the citations had been posted during the previous administration when some planning on climate matters was being undertaken and distributed.

Finally, Wrong-Way Walker, along with other Wisconsin GOP 'leaders,' [Sic], have signed a pledge against climate change actions.

With the Walkerites, no-change is the preferred answer to climate change.

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