Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Journal Sentinel Jumps Gun, Endorses Lakeshore Golf Course

Very disappointing that the Journal Sentinel editorial board would endorse the building of yet another high-end golf course - - with fees that will be way beyond the reach of most Wisconsinites - - in a nature preserve that literally abuts Kohler Andrae State Park on the Lake Michigan shoreline in Sheboygan County.

The plan will require the transfer of some state park land to the golf course owner for a road, a maintenance building and perhaps other permanent structures.

Public land, mind you. Who gets to own state park land for private purposes?

The construction will result in the filling of wetlands - - how much is yet to be known - - the cutting of large amounts of timber, the additional of added phosphorous pollution and other runoff chemicals into the already-impaired Black River on the site, or on to the dunes or into Lake Michigan - - with other public and environmental impacts yet to be determined, and still the newspaper gets on board.

There isn't even yet a final plan to be run past the Town of Wilson and its approved master plan, let alone the DNR and the US Army Corps of Engineers.

The editorial board should tell us what the acceptable thresholds are for selling off, filling in or otherwise degrading waterways and their related acreages, especially since the State Constitution in Article IX, the Public Trust Doctrine, says the people's access to and enjoyment of these resources is a citizen's right, not a privilege or commodity to acquired by the highest, most powerful or well-connected bidder.

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