Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Walker Logs Northwoods Pandering

This is almost too embarrassing to report, but let's soldier on through what we hope is the last days of the disastrous Walker experiment in failing politics and get Wrong-Way's latest double-talk on the record.

He traveled yesterday to Ashland for a photo op and mumbled some praiseworthy but barely coherent word salad at a power plant that turns wood products into biomass fuel for electric power generation. Ooooh, hooray for green energy.

Really: Our Governor said this. Media must have their tape records running:
"Really what it means in terms of helping this region; certainly with a lot of contracts with folks in the logging industry here and just what it means to have something like this here," said Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.
But who remembers that within days of his January, 2011 swearing-in, Walker killed a biomass energy generating plant on the UW campus in Madison. Ooooh, bad biomass. Get me natural gas!

He killed it because his funders in the fossil fuel sector hate these green alternatives, and also because its introduction at the Madison plant had been negotiated by former Gov. Jim Doyle.

And anything Doyle had favored -- biomass energy, Amtrak between Milwaukee and Madison, obstruction-free early absentee voting, expansion of Stewardship Fund public lands  - - Walker-the-spiteful-ideologue has had to oppose, no obliterate.


Anonymous said...

He got caught with his pants around his ankles as the situation didn't fit one of his donor's talking points. Or he has lied so much he can't keep the lies straight. Can you imagine this goof facing the national press and answering questions on issues of global importance?

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Can you imagine this goof having a chance in a state that had a real media following up on his statements and asking real questions? Instead of one where the main papers and stations are paid off with ad money and their MMAC paymasters? Look at him flail on the WEDC story, even with the J-S covering it up for him.

Walker's a coin flip at best to remain governor after November, but this chronic lying and whiny, soft response to the few times he ever gets called out is why this guy has ZERO chance of making it on the national stage.

Anonymous said...

anon 12:29

His cousin, who stole 2 elections, george WALKER bush could not speak coherently on anything either -- didn't keep the shadow government behind him from having their way, did it.

I don't appreciate people being so dismissive -- walker stole the recall -- they can steal the november election.

They have stolen the white house TWICE in this millennium -- if the powers that be want walker as their figurehead it is going to happen.

And carrying on that he can't face the national press and is incompetent is not going to stop him.

To walker's backers, the attributes you mock are his greatest strength.

Anonymous said...

jake -- disappointing post here because you usually are following these stories much more accurately.

While recent polling data indicates that toss-up, that is not the same as saying walker is a "coin flip at best" to stay in the governor's office.

You're a grad student and frequently post on economic data -- surely you understand the laws of large numbers -- the walker recall cannot be legitimate.

The data GAB releases clearly shows fraud in cummulative vote shares.

The game is rigged in his favor in many ways -- financially, media coverage, and voter disenfranchisement. And for legislative races, the state is so severely gerrymandered that it is virtually impossible for Dems to take back senate and or assembly.

But factor in election fraud -- and walker is highly favored to win in November regardless of what the polls say.

And the slight-of-hand propelling walker to higher-and-higher positions of power in Wisconsin can catapult him into the white house too.

Just like his incompetent cousin -- george WALKER bush.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Oh, I have my own suspicions about events of June 5, 2012, but let's just say we are well aware of the possibility of shenanigans on Nocember 4, 2014, and we will have the scope on those guys.

Which means the WisGOPs will have the same look on their face that Karl Rove had on Election Night 2012, when he realized his plans to steal Ohio had been thwarted.