Sunday, July 20, 2014

Desperate Walker Now Attacking Iconic WI Business

Imagine being John Burke, President of Trek, the iconic Waterloo, WI bicycle company.

Just a few months ago, Walker was citing you as one of Wisconsin's "industry leaders," and showcasing your business in a promotional, bring-your-business-to-Wisconsin video (beginning at the 2:02 mark) posted online by the state economic development agency, (WEDC) that Walker created and chairs.

Fast forward to the weekend, and Walker trashes you. And Trek. 

And uses Trek, where gubernatorial rival Mary Burke used to work, to camouflage and distract attention from an embarrassing fact - - that WEDC, under Walker's 'leadership,' has given state subsidies to businesses that moved Wisconsin jobs overseas.

That's what Madison TV station WKOW 27 found out.

Wrong-Way Walker has been busy this weekend throwing out chaff and trying to change the conversation, as seen on his own Twitter feed.

Funny, isn't it, that he likes to claim that Wisconsin is open for business, despite his failing job-creation performance, but it's also open season here on business executives who don't bow to Walker and cater to his imperial whims.


Anonymous said...

Many more people will hear walker's lies than will hear the truth about any of this.

Journal Communications will make sure of that -- and they will do it for FREE! working these lies into their programing 24/7 (their other media assets will carry it in different ways too with various degrees of subtlety -- but this is a touchy subject around here).

I don't know what the answer is -- the fall election will be a dog fight and Burke will have to win by a large enough margin to overcome a built-in fraud factor.

(yup -- recall can be mathematically proven to be stolen and if GAB would release ward-by-ward data, which they won't, it could be proven beyond a any reasonable doubt meeting standards from criminal conviction).

Keep hitting this, James, and I can only hope every other blogger and badger state citizen will do likewise.

We can't take back the legislature -- the gerrymandering makes that virtually impossible -- defeating walker is our only hope right now.

And remember, if you think the gerrymandering was bad after the 2010 election, just wait until you see what this band of criminal thugs do after 2020.

Surely, Mr. Rowen, you know that the purpose of these attacks is not to generate votes for walker. They are not even intended to convince people not to vote for Burke.

The negative slime is designed to keep people home -- and, sadly, it works. Even a "large" turnout is barely 6-out-of-10 eligible voters. The massive negative ads serve 2 purposes:

1. Reduce voter turnout (and research shows their tactics are historically very effective)

2. Contaminate the media landscape. Now when Burke or anyone else actually tells the truth about walkers indefensible record and abject failures, it gets frames as "both sides do it too" -- negative advertising, which in-turn will continue to keep swing-voters home.

You can proclaim he is desperate -- but this is not accurate -- he's doin' what he needs to do to "win" the November election by hook or crook.

Anonymous said...

Didn't he go on a trade mission to China recently? What did he do there besides ride around on a Harley Davidson manufactured there?

MAL said...

As you have pointed out here, but it bears repeating what the Scott Walker DNR has inflicted - in taking an agency to protect water and turn it into a rubber stamp for rapacious and (with no hyperbole intended) pathological corporate entities — is threatening the health of families, and imperiling the
tourism and recreational business and pleasure that our natural resources bring.

Two specific examples worth pointing out that have come under direct attack in Iron, Wood, Portage, Adams and Juneau counties are linked below with citizens fighting their own government on behalf of the tourism business.

This governor is going to screw up an environmentally friendly and world class golf resort in Adams county - Sand Valley - and you can bet Walker will not lose any sleep over it.