Wednesday, July 23, 2014

DNR Says Waukesha Faces More Work On Stalled Water Diversion

Waukesha is way past it's drop-dead start date for beginning to build the infrastructure it will need to guarantee that its approximately $200 million Great Lakes water diversion system will meet a court-ordered deadline.

And while the application for the water has been stalled for years at the DNR - - no hearings, no environmental impact statement produced, and no reviews as required in seven other Great Lakes States states and anticipated from two Canadian provinces - -  because of inadequate data, the agency has just raised with the city a new set of issues and questions related to the return flow scheme envisioned for the Root River as it flows through the City of Racine - - where officials have strongly objected to the wastewater flow and dumping into its harbor.

You can access a very recent letter about all this from the DNR to Waukesha, here.

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