Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Huge Walker Flip-Flop On Trek

Our Wrong-Way Governor, so desperate to denigrate opponent Mary Burke to beat her in an election that's slipping away, now says he won't say whether he thinks that Trek - - the iconic major Wisconsin corporate employer and success story - - is good for the state.

Really? Throw Trek under the bus, for personal, partisan gain? Because Mary Burke worked there - - the company her father founded and which is beloved in Wisconsin, and worldwide for quality bikes and a liberating lifestyle they support.

The same Trek which Walker featured in a state promotional video posted last year by the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation - - which Walker created and chairs. In which Walker urges prospective Wisconsin businesses to get to know a few Wisconsin winners - - like Trek?

This is one of the most bizarre flip-flops in state political history.


Anonymous said...


Please proceed. Please proceed governor.


Anonymous said...

This man will do or say anything to retain his office. It is no wonder that lying has become his mantra and Politifact rates him the most dishonest leader in the country. How can anyone believe that he is presidential material. If he would have to stand before national reporters and actually have to answer their questions he would look worse than Texas Governor Perry. It is well past time that Wisconsin's media pin him down rather than let him walk away from lies and innuendos. The Journal Sentinel must be finding it difficult to defend him these days.

Anonymous said...

Nope, Walker's just pointing out the hypocrisy of you and others on the left. And has been quite successful given the nerve that's been struck from Burke and the lefties.

Anonymous said...

Publically proclaiming he won't say if a company is good for the state is actually broadcasting the message that one doesn't think it is good for the state.

Of course, scottie's teabaggin' base doesn't care -- they probably don't ride bikes (if anything,more likely tricycles).

But the 51% strategy that scott walker's cousin, george WALKER bush, used to steal 2 electons does not demand anything more than campaign stunts -- and the more divisive the better.

Impossible election results, like walker's june 2012 "win" are then proclaimed to be the result of a "highly energized base" -- this is how divide and conquer politics works.

And the media is complicit with catapulting this stooge into higher-and-higher offices.

Anonymous said...

Koch Bros/ALEC/Corporate Puppet. Bought and paid for. All the Walker tax breaks granted to companies were given supposiedy to create jobs. Where are they? Can we stay focused? 37th in the country? Sad how the negative ads prey on the ignant folks out here. Thats what politics has come to? With all the GOP games - gerrymandering, restricting voting, poor jobs record + overall obstruction by GOP... Sit back & watch them implode - KaBOOM!