Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Tees-Printing Out, Target Shooting In At WI DNR/State Fair '14

What's out at the DNR center for kids this year at State Fair?

T-shirt making.

What's in?

Bows and arrows, says the DNR: 
There is an expanded area for archery enthusiasts or those who are just interested in giving it a try and a laser shot activity center. There is a technology area where Department of Natural Resources staff will help visitors download handy apps and assist with QR codes.
There are also big changes at the park this year. The non-profit group, Interfaith, which ran the t-shirt printing tent chose to not return this year so there will be no t-shirt printing available. Instead, visitors will find the largely expanded National Archery in the Schools Program tent and get an introduction to target archery from a trained warden.

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Anonymous said...

The fish print shirts were great. My kids wore them for years. What is a laser shot?