Thursday, July 31, 2014

Rightist Court Limits Rights In Wisconsin

No surprises in the State Supreme Court rulings today, as pro-Walker justices - - some heavily boosted in elections by right-wing organizations that backed Walker, too - - said it is OK to limit collective bargaining rights and ballot box rights, too.

It's all about the far right and their corporate piggy bank controlling and coordinating to retain power and gain more.

Would you be stunned to see stories in the Nevada media declaring 'Casino operators meet, agree house odds are fair.'

So we are to have fewer rights and fewer jobs under this administration and through its allies on the Court, too.

Fewer rights and fewer jobs: Put that on a bumper sticker.

As I said the other day, these decisions underscore why judicial elections are so important.

More later.

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Anonymous said...

John Doe II alleges several campaign finance violations by the Walker campaign during the recall. But was his the only campaign behaving badly? Didn't the Prosser campaign also coordinate with Wisconsin Club for Growth? Inquiring minds want to know.