Tuesday, July 1, 2014

More Walker Misleading Meddling With State Personnel Rules

When I saw the Journal Sentinel headline about the Walker administration being caught planning some 'modernization' of civil service procedures - - after having earlier denied they were doing just that - -  I said to myself, 'Ha...just another "modest proposal," which is what Walker called his Act 10 sneak attack on collective bargaining.

Which also earned him a "Pants on Fire" PolitiFact rating for claiming despite Act 10 that all civil service protections for public employees remained "intact/"

Then I read into the story:

But when the newspaper received records through the state open records law detailing the early-stage discussions, state officials acknowledged they were taking some early steps, saying that they hadn't disclosed the planning previously because it is modest in scope.
Remember when Walker used the state budget to convert 37 top civil service departmental positions to political appointments?

There seems to be no limit to this administration's false, fake or murky talk (see Walker, PolitiFact...) about they are doing and why.

And thanks, again, to Madison journalist Bill Lueders for getting Walker's doubly false Act 10 modesty on the record, and making sure we had the right context for viewing his administration's latest Swiftian maneuvers.

"...these are modest, modest requests," Walker asserted, of proposals that would completely strip public employees of their right to collectively bargain for anything except salaries (and to severely limit their ability to do even this), along with sweeping new rules that will make it difficult for their unions to survive.

Memorialized on this blog, here. 


Anonymous said...

Again dark of night , behind closed doors actions by Walker and his gestapo troops. They haven't even invited the Office of Employment Relations, the agency in charge of civil service positions, to the table. Therefore you know they are planning to drop another bomb on public employees. Couple this with his silent ending of the Covenant Scholar program that gave college aid to students that signed a pledge as 8th graders to maintain a "B" average and perform community service. This governor continues to wage war against public employees, students and education and has the balls to tell us "IT'S WORKING!" The only people it's working for are his wealthy campaign donors.

Anonymous said...

The deception is being championed by milwaukee journal sentinel -- across the state, newspapers are catapulting word-for-word the dishonest mjs headline -- that this is just "streamlining".

There is not divide and conquer w/o milwauke journal sentinel's cheerleading.

And the many lies walker states would mean nothing without mjs cheerleading and the media echo-chamber that follows journal communications' lead.