Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Walker no friend to Wisconsin family farmers. Or their water.

So here's the state of the Dairy State in one new headline:
More than 4% of Wisconsin Dairy Farms Call It Quits in 2018—So Far
Meaning that almost two WI dairy farms are closing every day this year - - 382 through July 31.
Echoing this late 2017 headline:
Western Wisconsin Had Most Farm Bankruptcies in the US
While Gov. Walker helps expand the big CAFO dairy operations, embraces the Tariff King who's closing off export markets, and assigns no priority to stemming the leap in farm-country well-water and waterway contamination.

Walker '18?


Anonymous said...

So is losing the farm enough to wake up these dolts?

Scott Walker has never represented the interests of small businesses, farmers, and, of course, workers. So just what does that leave as his voting constituency?

Until we have transparent, open, verifiable, and transparent elections; Walker does not actually need a core constituency. Hey, Wisconsin! The system is rigged and you are being played for fools.

Unknown said...

walker has screwed over wisconsin not with just his foxconn deal, but also at every level possible. my biggest gripe is his insistence on cutting education, not only are we losing our own university educated scholars but also those students that strive to get the best education possible from the best teachers. walker is making it impossible for our teachers to do their job. IF WE ALLOW THIS TO CONTINUE WE WILL BE THE LOSERS, GET RID OF WALKER FOR THE SAKE OF WISCONSIN.