Friday, August 31, 2018

Walker's WI in denial about climate change. Wetland protection, too.

I've been writing about Walker's attacks on the DNR and climate science - -  
Documenting WI Gov. Walker's attacks on science, climate change
[1/1/17, updated from 12/22/16] On December 22nd, this blog carried the first disclosure that WI GOP Gov. Scott Walker's "chamber of commerce mentality" Department of Natural Resources, (see part five of a recent series about his redefining the agency, here), had again deleted from taxpayer-paid, public web pages wording and information about climate, climate change and its human causation.
- - plus clean air, clean water and wetland, and - - 

For years, including summaries, like this 2013 post:
Ultimate GOP Environmental Target In Wisconsin Is The Public Trust Doctrine
Here's a short list of some of what I wrote last week touching on these issues, and yes, there's some repetition, but the rains, flooding, and official denial from Walker on climate change coupled with his policies' damage statewide has been repetitious, too. 

So from last week:

*  A summary post updated between 8/18-8/22:

Wisconsin landscape flooded with water, dismissal of science, too
*   8/21: 
Walker the wetland-killer should fill his Scottholes
*  8/24: 
Dane's flooding, others, are our climate change wake-up calls. End complacent denial
*  8/27: 
WI Climate Change Information; Much lost, some found
* 8/27:
Climate change politics strand Walker. Again. On video. Again.
* 8/28:
WI GOP environmental motto: 'No Permit Required.'
* 8/28:  
Who needed those axed WI climate change experts & their science? We did.
* 8/28: 
WI DNR seeking input on water policy, so shout "Wetlands!"
Reposting this blog history of Walker's Day One wetland-filling record
* 8/30: 
Donne said 'No man is an island.' Isthmus just found one.

Man on an island. Judith Davidoff photo also credited here.

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