Monday, August 6, 2018

Trump's Russia admissions bolster Paul Ryan's historic legacy

You wonder when political historians will refer to leadership failures fully exposed as "Ryanizings." 

Or, as a verb, like "that falling-flat-footed ballplayer "Ryanized" his career.

The truth was always out there about Paul Ryan, from the time he was spotted drinking $350 bottles of white wine in the DC which Republicans claim they hate, to the moment he got caught bragging about a marathon he said he ran in a way faster time than what was clocked.

Nothing says 'job-well-done' more accurately to the House Intelligence Committee for its final report that whitewashed Russian interference in the 2016 election - - and nothing better highlighted Speaker Ryan's masterful 'leadership' too the House han his selection of California congressman and eager-beaver White House tool Devin Nunes to chair that now disgraced committee - - than their dear GOP leader Donald Trump's admitting that he'd been lying for months about contacts between his senior campaign team and Russians, let alone his own personal hand in covering it up.

And let's not forget Ryan's other legacy-builder; the trillion-dollar deficit the fake deficit hawk cooked up with Trump that will be paid for with cuts to Medicare, and Medicaid, and which reduces Republican credibility to zero and measurable Republican principles and core values [sic] to negative numbers.

Amazing to think that as Speaker, Ryan has been second-in-line-of-succession to the the President, and that he almost stood to be first in line when he ran as micc Romney's Vice-Presidential pick. 

Shows you what a familiarity with Ayn Rand's writings and a carefully-crafted image as the brainy guy compared to a caucus of Grothmans and Gohmerts can do for a guy.


Anonymous said...

Now that it's been discovered that Ryan is 3% Jewish, I wonder if Trump will call him "Moses" ala Elizabeth Warren.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Ryan is a disgusting, weak person who thinks he can continue to enable this sicko for the next few months, then leave Congress, cash in, and hide out until he thinks people forget what he allowed.

We must never that happen.