Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Albatross alert. Trump gives Walker error-ridden Endorsement!

Since Walker has only token opposition on today's primary ballot, he's got to be less than totally thrilled is thrilled to have won Trump's "complete & total Endorsement!..." via a tweet.

A tweet which comes complete with the total inflation of potential Foxconn jobs by 2,000, and with the total and completely-ego inflation of Trump's "Endorsement" into some sort of official, regal or deified proper completely capitalized and further set off!

I mean, who would want the Endorsement! of an incumbent busily destroying his party while polling deeply under water? 
In Wisconsin, which he won by about 23,000 votes, another 36 percent give Trump a thumbs up, with 52 percent giving him a thumbs down.
With friends like that...

The timing is completely and totally corrosive for Walker, as Trump is all over state media lauding his tariff havoc falling heavily on Wisconsin farmers, beer-producers, metal-bending manufacturers and especially for our homegrown and iconic Harley-Davidson.

Maybe Trump still holds to this earlier tweeted opinion about Walker:

When people find out how bad a job Scott Walker has done in WI, they won’t be voting for him. Massive deficit, bad jobs forecast, a mess.
Or Trump still thinks Walker is that Louisiana journalist he mistook for Walker in 2016, which one of Trump's best people handled with the boss's complete and totally trademark respect for women and staff:
In an interview with CNN earlier this year, Trump social media director Daniel Scavino brushed off mistakes on the candidate's social media account, blaming unnamed "girls" who often take dictation in his New York office.

Trump seen here helping dig an election hole for Walker which Trump keeps making deeper


Anonymous said...

Walker & Trump should be diggin' up the manure at one of the CAFOs that is putting Wisconsin family farms & dairy operations out of business. It would be fitting and it also might convince some of their most-moronic base that they are literally having the sh!t dumped on them.

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