Thursday, August 30, 2018

WisDOT undercuts Walker's claim of 'completed' [sic] Zoo Interchange

Who's not sick of having to use [Sic] when vetting Scott Walker claims?

You may remember he was being caught lying (my word) on Tuesday about Zoo Interchange reconstruction being completed. The Journal Sentinel editor had tweeted, as I'd posted: 
George Stanley noted:
Scott Walker declares Zoo Interchange is done, even as years of work remain via  
The paper's story and lede drove home the headline about which Stanley had tweeted:
Scott Walker declares Zoo Interchange is done, even as years of work remain
Gov. Scott Walker is doing the construction equivalent of moving the goalposts — except, in this case, they're orange traffic barrels.  
Walker on Monday celebrated the completion of the core of the Zoo Interchange, even though work on the interchange's north leg is behind schedule... 
“The Zoo Interchange Core is completed on time and on budget,” the GOP governor said in a statement. 
And, by the way, Walker's first tweet didn't include the "core" parsing he added a day later: From his 8/27 personal Twitter feed:

Good to be in Milwaukee for the completion of the Zoo interchange! We’re getting positive things done in Wisconsin!

So you gotta laugh at today's news release from WisDOT about the state of road construction projects - - 

- - this Labor day: 
To help accommodate traffic flow over the Labor Day weekend, the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) will temporarily halt work on most highway construction projects around the state....
Highway construction projects that may affect holiday travel include:
  • Milwaukee County: adjoining projects around the Zoo Interchange continue with ongoing work on the west leg auxiliary lanes and Sunnyslope Road Bridge, the WIS 100 bridge over the Hank Aaron State Trail, and the I-894 resurfacing project. The additional southbound lane is expected to open in September.
Note that WisDOT added the interchange's west leg work and other incomplete segments to the north leg the paper said Walker had omitted to keep his parsed "core'" terminology spin intact. 

WisDOT knows that it does not "temporarily halt work projects" that are completed. 

Which is why WisDOT refers to work on the interchange among "Highway construction that may affect holiday travel" in the present tense, not past.

All in all, snort.

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