Sunday, August 12, 2018

Why no WI Republican candidate should get a single new vote

Their candidacies should be shunned and as long as they stay silent in the face of Trump's insane call to boycott Harley-Davidson, a business second to none in economic and historical importance to the state and to Milwaukee where it was founded.

What kind of President does this to an American business, its workers, shareholders and neighbors at its world headquarters on Milwaukee's West side or in the Menomonee Valley at its museum that brings large numbers of customers and visitors to the city and state?
What kind of party, state Governor and Lt. Gov./running mate - - Scott Walker and Rebecca Kleefisch - - and its members of Congress - - Glenn Grothman, Jim Sensenbrenner, Sean Duffy, et al, and the would-be US Senators - - Leah Vukmir and Kevin Nicholson - - and its dozens of cowering, cowardly, cravenly-place-holding-do-nothing-expense-account-draining state legislators would stand mute before a bullying, demagogic and oath-breaking fake President and expect a single vote from any Wisconsin resident?

Just let these words and headline from this news story Sunday about it all sink in: 
Trump celebrates boycott of Milwaukee-based Harley-Davidson

President: Boycott of Harley-Davidson 'great!'

Gov. Scott Walker by early Sunday afternoon had no public comment about The president's new swipe at Harley-Davidson...
Walker must have to run a focus group test to come up with an adequate response, since he clearly has no heart or conscience or real love for Wisconsin from which to react. How many times has he campaigned on a Harley and wrapped himself in its credibility and lore?

Shame on Walker and all of his phony pro-business, Badger cardinal red-and-white costume-wearing Badgerland phonies. 

Make them own and regret their blind, irrational and destructive allegiance to Trump and the jobs and candidacies they demean and degrade.

Vote them out.

Update - - still nothing on Walker's Twitter feed as Sunday is ending. Though he was out there having fun on the campaign trail today, so his priorities, denial and fealty too trump all in line: 1:02 p.m.
Trying my hand at virtual archery while at Mouldy’s Archery and Tackle. What a blast! 
Further update - - House speaker and electoral dropout Paul Ryan, purportedly still a member of the Wisconsin Congressional delegation, hasn't Tweeted since Friday, so is a full-time and continuing member of the enable Trump/Harley-Davidson silence-is-golden club.


Anonymous said...

But Scott Walker campaigns on a Harly, so this is all a pipedream. By doing so, the Wisconsin media echo-chamber licks his boots as if this is somehow proof he is a common guy that is standing up for the working class.

Of course, HD motorcycles have not been affordable to typical working class stiff for many many years and, even as far back as early 1990's the front fork was stamped "Made in Japan". HD is on Trump's sh!t list for not wanting him to do a rally there. Scott walker, however, with the help for the state's overwhelmingly pro-GOP agenda, will continue to be hailed as a hero for riding one.

And this will play into his national ambitions -- mark my words (and I have been extremely accurate in my political projects over the last several years): If Trump is, by some miracle, removed from office; he will again run for the White House in 2020. This issue plays right into Walker's hands -- he supports Trump now (did not when he withdrew his massive 2016 failure) and will be able to claim he supported Harley later (not true, but the media will not tell the truth on this either).

Anonymous said...

Tomorrow Scotty will be in Superior doing a photo-op at McDonalds as they are hiring a
new employee and wants everyone to know how great the economy is doing as they will be hiring another in December. Nuff said.