Monday, August 6, 2018

Trump enablers' weak new tack: His rhetoric needs toning down.

You can add Karl Rove
Rove looking to the camera
to Paul Ryan's weak-kneed, mealy-mouthed, GOP-All-Star enablers' chorus.
“I think the president would be well-advised to tone down the rhetoric,” Rove said in an appearance on Fox News Channel. He argued that the audience Trump needs to target most is not the media but rather undecided voters who have voiced disapproval of his performance as president.
“To win the election this fall, he’s got to win the people who are up for grabs in this election,” Rove said.
Trump doesn't need to watch his mouth because it endangers GOP hegemony and bears no relationship to a normal US presidency, let alone adult public conduct.

He needs to 'tone down the rhetoric' because it's encouraging and exacerbating racial hatred, home-grown Nazism, international tensions, mistreatment of immigrants, sexual assault, and authoritarian rule antithetical to democratic society.  

This just in from California, so I'm just saying...August 05, 2018 07:14 AM

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Jake formerly of the LP said...

So the problem isn't the repressive and regressive policies, it's just a matter of TONE. Very Ryan-like and very Sykes-like indeed.

There are no "good Republicans." They all are OK with very bad things.