Thursday, August 23, 2018

WI hounders keep throwing dogs to the wolves; state reimbursements available

The WI DNR has reported the death of a Walker hound like this one,
and a second injury to another Walker hound, after encounters with wolves in Douglas County.
08/18/2018Douglas1 dog killed (Walker, male, 3 years), 1 dog injured (Walker, female, 4 years)Douglas depredation location map [PDF]
Though wolves are a protected species that may not legally be killed, Wisconsin hunters are allowed to release hounds during a bear-hunt training period which often takes the hounds into wolf denning and rendezvous areas and predictable, violent encounters with larger, predatory, pack-hunting wolves.

The DNR has reported seven hounds killed and nine injured since July 1, the date after which hounders are legally permitted to release dogs in pursuit of bears prior to the bear hunting season later this year.

Year after year, it's the same sickening story.

Here's a comprehensive 2014 report that goes beyond just the sanctioned dog-wolf fighting. 
Wisconsin Tolerates, Licenses Wildlife Cruelty
Wisconsin is the only state which reimburses hounders up-to-$2,500 wolf-inflicted injuries and deaths to their dogs, even if the dog owners released their hounds in known wolf gathering areas, or in areas seeded with bear bait which also attracts wolves.

Repeat state payment collectors, even scofflaws, are entitled to the state reimbursements.

I have frequently written about these topics, most recently on August 13.

DNR records show that hound owners since 1985 have collected nearly three-quarters of a million dollars in reimbursements after their hounds were killed by wolves.

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No reimbursements. This is crazy and sickening. Is this all the Wisconsin DNR is good for?