Wednesday, August 1, 2018

In Trump's 'best' America, not every toddler, other detainees, can be saved

So maybe Laura Ingraham got it wrong about being locked up in an ICE jail being like summer camp for kids.

Read this report today

A toddler died recently after being released from the nation’s largest immigrant detention center, said an official with the American Immigration Lawyers Association on Wednesday.
The Washington Post put it this way:
A Houston immigration lawyer, Mana Yegani, tweeted late Tuesday that a girl, who had suffered a respiratory illness while at Dilley, had died soon after her release.
“The child died following her stay at an ICE Detention Center, as a result of possible negligent care and a respiratory illness she contracted from one of the other children,” the tweet said. She added that the girl had a grandmother in New Jersey.
Add it to this, June 8th story:
High school student sent to Mexico after losing DACA status killed less than a month later, reports say
Along with this story June 11, three days later.
Jailed immigrant kills himself in Texas after reportedly being separated from family
On top of this June 20 report: 
Separating kids from their parents is detrimental to their physical and mental health.
U.S. immigration officials have taken more than 2,300 child migrants from their parents since May, when the Trump administration initiated a “zero tolerance” policy and began detaining the adults for criminal prosecution...
Even after children are reunited with their parents, the lingering effects of their time apart may continue to put them at increased risk for a range of health problems. Read on to learn why. 
And on June 21:
Children 'beaten, handcuffed, stripped and kept in solitary confinement' in US detention centre
And in July:  
Some children reunited with their parents do not recognize them
Also in July:
'They told us to behave or we'd be here forever' 
"I felt like a prisoner," said Diogo De Olivera Filho, a 9-year-old from Brazil who spent five weeks at a shelter in Chicago, including three weeks in isolation after getting chickenpox. When he got lonely and left his quarantined room to see other kids, he said the shelter put up a gate to keep him in. "I felt like a dog," he said. 
And don't forget, Wi Gov. Walker had nothing to say on June 25th about what Trump was doing.
"It’s out of my jurisdiction,” the GOP governor said, in explaining why he would not weigh in on the issue.
Hmmm...what was in Walker's jurisdiction on June 25th? Important stuff, Bucky, sez a Walker tweet, w/ photo:
Cool view in the Miller Beer Caves!

And since not all the separated kids have been reunited with their families, and the long-term consequences are not in yet, we can expect more horror stories to emerge. #MAGA. 
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Anonymous said...

This is how history will remember Trump and the USA: As a barbaric country that turned away refugees and tore frightened children away from their parents. Well done conservatives.

Anonymous said...

I know some will claim this is hyperbole, but it is not: This regime, and it is not just about Donald Trump, does not think any more of nor consider any other U.S. citizen as deserving respect and fundamental rights than the criminal behavior of kidnapping children at the border.

There is no real limit as to what the enablers of the Trump administration will do to you, I, or anyone else when it suits their extremist political agenda. When they intentionally and repeatedly violate U.S. policies, laws, international laws, and freedom granted by the Bill of Rights and U.S. Constitution with impunity, it is because they will do the same to YOU!