Wednesday, August 1, 2018

In Flint crisis, Gov. Snyder, others escape liability

Get out of jail free cards are being handed out across Lake Michigan.

Great news for Republicans in Michigan, where you can be a government official  with a role in a mass poisoning and a judge just said you're not liable!
Judge dismisses Gov. Snyder, state from Flint water class action lawsuit
Rick Snyder in 2013.jpg
This escape from personal responsibility when doing the people's business you took an oath to steward wisely fits nicely with the current Republican principle-free narrative in Wisconsin where Walker and his agencies and allies and donors are so done with private property rights, public property preservation, local control, Nixon-era clean air and water protections and other pesky, legacy beliefs and practices ignored or trashed, literally.

An ominous development with toxic metallic mining getting ever closer in Michigan, and this is on the Wisconsin border:
Back 40 Mine Gets Final Permit
At its deepest point, the open pit mine could be 750 feet and roughly 2,200 feet long. The mine’s total surface area is expected to be about 83 acres. Also, the mine’s closest point to the Menominee River would be about 150 feet. 
I guess all that's left to complete this circle of contamination would be giving Snyder the Golden Water Filter Award. Lifetime Achievement category.

Walker awaiting his.
WI Central Sands the next Flint? Kewaunee County already soaking up that honor.

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