Tuesday, August 28, 2018

"'Dark Store' tax shuffle gets needed WI, pre-election coverage

I'd noted how major Wisconsin businesses and retail outlets were manipulating the property tax issue at the expense of everyday homeowners and smaller businesses, here
'Dark store' tax revolt, consequences for GOP, could spread from West Allis
Bi-partisan state legislation to make it harder for big businesses to be levied as if they were failing or empty lost out to special interest influence, and now many communities have the issue on their upcoming ballots. 
Glad to see mainstream media like the Journal Sentinel getting the word out. 
'Dark store' appeals on the rise in Wisconsin as issue hits ballots this fall 
Sen. Dave Hansen (D-Green Bay) blamed Republicans who control the Legislature for not taking action on the measure because of WMC's opposition. 
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Anonymous said...

The Republicans in control are so afraid they are going to lose this hand out to their donors (and their donor's attorney) they won't even schedule a vote. Cowards.