Saturday, August 4, 2018

Walker shovels out favors, your money, wins hard-work award

What with Wisconsin getting cited, for a minute I thought The Golden Fleece Award was back.

Without a shred of self-awareness, and clearly missing his irony filter, the same Governor who is nearly four years into his signature-but-broken job-creating promise just publicized a gold shovel award Wisconsin 'won' from a business development organization.

Because, as he's shown us often on Twitter, he's always working [sic], his hands are full 
Image result for scott walker photo fishing
and his plate is crowded.

Though getting credit for giving away other people's money isn't much of an accomplishment. Suppose some people got control of your finances and sent some of the money to a development of their choice.. Do they get to be Philanthropists of the Year, too?

Foxconn, to whom Walker has shoveled record subsidies, was also honored. 

Wherever Foxconn goes through November, Walker will there, too. And vice-versa. All hands are on that shovel, er keyboard.

Here's a more complete posting about Foxconn than what Walker will highlight.


Paul said...

My favorite photo of Walker, the outdoors man holding the fishing rod upside down. My next favorite is him wearing an absolutely spotless blaze orange hunting jacket. Both proof that the man hates sunshine, beautiful woods, blue lakes, glacial moraines, and much else that makes Wisconsin a dream state for nature lovers. If he hiked the Ice Age Trail, he likely would wear polished wingtips. Nature lover? Walker loves fracking, metal mining, Foxconn destroying farmland and wetlands.

badgervan said...

scotty is holding his spinning reel upside door. this fraud is not an outdoorsman; he is a fake.... always has been.