Friday, August 24, 2018

Look past Trump's verbiage, legal peril to his continuing harmful acts

While cable TV and your inboxes fill up with news about Trump's legal perils, latest in-plain-sight obstructions of justice and repellant, racist rants, it's important to follow the awful things he's doing, not merely verbalizing, including:

*  Rolling back clean air rules that his own corrupted EPA says will kill thousands of people through the added release of harmful air pollution.

*  Enabling the same polluting EPA to permit the continuing use of a dangerous pesticide which EPA scientists had urged be banned.

*  Attacking the use of science in creating clean water policy.

*  Driving down Obamacare enrollment.

*  Preventing the reunification of 700 children his agencies seized from their parents at the southern border weeks ago and continuing long past a court-ordered deadline.

And you will not hear a peep of protest from Trump's Wisconsin cheerleaders, like Walker, Ryan, Vukmir, et al.

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