Monday, August 13, 2018

Perhaps Walker's most-scripted-and-embarrassing TV moment

Watch him giving Harley-Davidson the boot.

In full dodge-and-distract mode, Walker continued declining directly to support Harley-Davidson after Trump called for customers to boycott its products when he 'spontaneously' showed a TV crew the Harley-Davidson boots he just happened to be wearing today while campaigning at a Kenosha plastics company. Nor did he criticize Trump's very negative assault on this iconic Milwaukee manufacturer.
He was right there, on camera.
Some harder hitting questions by TMJ4 - - video here - - would have been appreciated.

He's generated some ridiculous self-promotion in the past, but producing boots when he needed to really stand tall - - pathetic.


Anonymous said...

He should have hired Nancy Sinatra to sing "These boots are made for Walker."

Anonymous said...

Can he really suck start his Harley?

I know he sucks bigly, but his Harley?