Monday, August 6, 2018

Walker's 'Grow IL' goal gets $160 million taxpayer-funded boost

Not content with his Foxconn-related ad campaign urging northern IL millennials to hop on the train to SE WI workplaces, Walker's WisDOT has awarded a massive Foxconn-related road project contract worth over $160 million to an Illinois-based company.

Full Foxconn archive, here.

The other good thing about spending those big bucks on a 7.5 mile project is that Walker didn't throw the cash away addressing the Scotthole epidemic, because, at, say, $100 in labor-and-materials' cost per-Schtthole, you could only fill 1.6+ million of them, and that would only provide Wisconsin motorists with a fraction of the relief they need.

Besides, there's more profit for the contracts in adding new lanes of concrete than filling Scottholes with asphalt.

Put it this way: happy road-builders in an election year
Torshin, Walker, Butina
aren't the only friends that can put a smile on the face of an incumbent governor.

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