Monday, August 20, 2018

WI DNR highlights basins' cleanups. While also going the other way.

The WI DNR isn't earning itself high marks for consistent water way and river basin stewardship in the public interest.

I call your attention to some anti-pollution efforts the DNR is highlighting in the latest edition of this newsletter:
Wisconsin Lakesider
Great Lakes Areas of Concern Newsletter
The successes which the DNR is touting include work in these so-called "AOCs," or  "Areas of Concern."

*  After nearly 30 years of clean up and remediation efforts, the impairment for Restrictions on Fish Consumption in the Lower Menominee River Area of Concern was removed in June...

It’s important to note that while the pollution sources within the AOC boundaries have been controlled, pollutants are still entering the water from outside sources...To learn more about the Lower Menominee River AOC projects and events
See: Search:“Menominee River AOC

*  When leaders from Areas of Concern sites throughout the Great Lakes region gathered in Sheboygan in May at the 2018 Great Lakes AOC Conference, the Sheboygan River Basin Partnership seized the opportunity to ensure that local community members were aware of this event and its significance. Conference participants visiting the area were impressed by the progress made in the Sheboygan River AOC, and it is important for the people who live, work and play around the Sheboygan community to understand the impact of this clean up and what it means for the local economy and quality of life... To learn more about Sheboygan River AOC projects and events visit http://dnr.wi.govsearch “Sheboygan River AOC

I'm glad the DNR has some good news to share, since, goodness knows, there's a lot it won't be urging you to read, such as:
Where you can't drink the WI water. Or step in it.
Anywhere, here are my questions. 

!. With experts at the DNR and elsewhere always talking up the value of comprehensive watershed management, how is it that the WI DNR is turning a blind eye towards toxic, metallic mining proposed at Michigan edge of the Menominee River? Mining strongly opposed by neighbors and native people with claims to the land.

2. Why is the DNR and its oversight body, the Wisconsin Natural Resources Board, green lighting the development of a fertilizer-intense, wetland-filling, habitat-bulldozing and state parkland-gobbling golf course complex surrounding the already-impaired Black River - - which is part of the Sheboygan River basin, according to "Water Resources of the Sheboygan River Basin," a separate DNR publication
The Sheboygan River, with its major tributaries the Onion and Mullet rivers, discharges into Lake Michigan. Other streams in the basin that drain directly into Lake Michigan include; Sauk Creek, Sucker Creek, Barr Creek, the Black River, and the Pigeon River as well as numerous small unnamed streams (WDNR 1988).
Wouldn't intentionally-broader stewardship better serve all the people with stakes in the quality of the Menominee and Sheboygan Rivers and all their connected and surrounding waters make for better public policy than wetland filling, harmful mining, nature preserve bulldozing and special-interest enabling? 

Summarized and emphasized here and here.

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Waterway pollution in Wisconsin skyrockets under Walker's reign

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