Tuesday, August 14, 2018

And in Wisconsin's political environment ...

No election eve predictions here, just a plea for unity on the Democratic side following this complex gubernatorial primary with a very diverse choice of candidates. 

We need a focus on Wisconsin-and-people-first-issues - - clean water, clean government, repaired roads, greener energy, 
Wisconsin wind farm, east of Waupun
Wind farms, like this one east of Waupun were blocked while Walker catered to real estate and fossil fuel interests.

great schools and broader health care coverages. 

Much of which begins with tax fairness and level-headed spending that would rule out Foxconn-level, wired deals.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you on unity. I also know, however, the reality that is Tony Evers wins tonight, so does Walker. The polls will close in 1/2 hour now, so my comment cannot possibly change the outcome. Evers was proclaimed the winner by the media months ago.

I challenge everyone to go to DPI's webite:


You will see the entire report is nonsense as the mid point in the scale is "meets expectations" and the next step below is "meets few expectations". Only a career creature could come up with such dishonest evaulation model -- look closely -- you will see that, to Evers, "Meeting Expectations" actually means NOT meeting all expectations".

Then you must do this -- go to the URL below:


Find the reports on schools in Milwaukee, Beloit, Racine, Kenosha, LaCrosse and even Madison. Look at those schools' performances -- expecially look at their achievement gap. People in Wisconsin's democratic strongholds are largely going to be no-shows in November, just like they did not turn out anywhere near 2008 & 2012. This is why Hillary lost Wisconsin -- what should have been a "firewall" state.

The same will happen with Evers whether we preach "unity" or not, as his actual record supporting the highest needs schools in Wisconsin is a dismal failure. Unity only exists when it is a 2-way street. Evers had years to build bridges and chose not to.

I can only hope that next time around, when we all declare a need for "unity" we will all agree to back candidates that can demonstrate successful leadership creating equity and therefor unity.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

I want a candidate who will beat Walker like a rented mule, enough to overcome the Russian screwing, the Republican gerrymandering, and the consistent vote suppression.

Anon references the school reports for the schools in the urban districts, most affected by Walker's school destruction program and most afflicted by anti-minority actions, and then he lays this at Tony Ever's feet, when he is more constrained by the actions of the Republican stranglehold on the Lege.

Screw that. Come together and win.

The media did not anoint Evers, the polls did.