Tuesday, August 7, 2018

State planning, intentional blight continues unpleasant Foxconn grind

More property owners are yielding to Foxconn's state-subsidized, absolutely unpleasant grab of their Mount Pleasant homes and lands declared officially blighted to serve Walker and Foxconn's agendas.

Regrettably, this coordinated use of public agencies and their powers for private gain is also being played out for a Walker donor who wants to bulldoze a nature preserve and build on acreage in an adjacent state park along the Lake Michigan shoreline in Sheboygan for golf course development.

Only someone who has tossed and dirtied up Wisconsin's environmental and democratic traditions through a "chamber of commerce mentality" to enrich special interests could revel in and base a career on the damage.

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Anonymous said...

After Walker "wins" a third term, by hook or crook, we will see him "drop the bomb" by again proclaiming "We're broke". Just like when he pulled the same stunt in 2011, don't expect factual media reports that explain how the he ginned up the budget crisis.

Foxconn is a two-fer:

1. Walker escapes responsibility for his failed 250,000 first-term job promise, which he will not see even after 2 terms.

2. When the next budget needs to be proposed, he will claim Wisconsin citizens need more enforced austerity.

Neither of these outcomes would be possible if there was some mainstream media that consistently told the truth, but there is a vast vacuum of honest journalism in Wisconsin. Walker is nothing more than the result of a media echo chamber that catapults lies.

We gave already been set-up for a budget crisis with years of postponing debt payment & servicing costs and a billion dollar deficit in the transportation budget. Add Foxconn to the mix and you have a fiscal nightmare, but the media will broadcast and publish lies about GOP fiscal conservatives and balanced budgets.