Thursday, August 2, 2018

Trump/Walker 'Freedom to Breathe More Smog' rule earns lawsuit

Walker may not be able to make Wisconsin open for all the dirty air he wants.
Smoke stacks from a factory.
That's because there's more litigation seeking to block the smog-endorsing move Scott Pruitt coughed up on his way out the door at EPA at Walker's request.

Clean Wisconsin has made the new filing in Federal court in the District of Columbia, and the Illinois Attorney General had earlier announced a move on behalf of residents downwind from the new 'more-smog zone.'

Which also relieves Foxconn from meeting higher air quality standards.

Full Foxconn archive, here.

More from the Clean Wisconsin website about clean air and your health, here.

And here's more information about other litigation spawned locally and regionally by the Foxconn project.

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