Monday, August 20, 2018

OWN nails Walker's imperious state aircraft abuse. Noted here since 2011.

Walker's zooming around the state on our dime has a then and now quality:

Then, in 2011:
Remember when Acting Gov. Scott McCallum, (R), another fiscal conservative (sic), got in trouble for using state aircraft for questionable trips?
Some governors - - such as the new Republican Gov. of New Mexico - - are grounding their planes, or selling them, as just happened in Florida at the new Governor's request - -  for financial reasons. 
I see Walker has held a news conference at the Kenosha airport, and has a day of trips planned - - including Rhinelander and Green Bay?
Is the stressed state budget - - meaning taxpayers - - covering the cost of these flights?
Skyrocketing fuel prices?
Fuel up the bird!
And in 2014:
Curiously, former Wisconsin Gov. Scott McCallum's history of using expensive state airplanes for quick trips that could have easily been taken by car - - like Walker's short hops - - was left out of the Journal Sentinel story.
McCallum's plane use was big news and controversial at the time.
It really brought the issue of state officials' airplane use to the public's attention and helped doom McCallum's campaign for a full-term in 2002 after he'd assumed the governorship office when Tommy Thompson resigned to join the George W. Bush cabinet.
And today, in 2018:
MADISON -- Gov. Scott Walker billed taxpayers more than $818,000 to rehab his political image by flying around Wisconsin on state-owned airplanes, a liberal group alleged Monday. 
A database compiled by One Wisconsin Now indicates Walker took 869 flights and logged more than 114,000 miles over a 32-month period. The flights include several short trips, including one from Kenosha to Milwaukee.
And don't forget that Robin Vos got into the action, too:
Though state officials had to make sure there was a plane available to take Vos and other legislative officials to a news conference in Ohio where one of his London traveling buddies had something to say. 
The State of Wisconsin Department of Administration describes its function and shows some of its equipment at this Wisconsin Air Services website.

One of its aircraft is a Beechcraft twin turboprop airplane like this one.

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