Friday, August 3, 2018

Wisconsin CAFO neighbors can relate to one named "Lost Valley Farm."

Former Milwaukee Mayor John Norquist used to joke and truth-tell that you could tell what insensitive or sprawl development had ruined by the sentimental names they often were given by the bulldozing interests as compensation.

I'd noted the streets in the Pabst Farms development named after the sort of springs now dry in nearby "Spring City" Waukesha, and this intersection in a Waukesha County different subdivision, where, presumably, the glaciers gave way to ridges and water now diminished or built over.

This Oregon CAFO under a shutdown order seems to have stumbled into the same karmic naming pattern - - 
Built in April 2017, Lost Valley Farm has been in operation for only 16 months, however it has received numerous notices from the Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA) for improper waste management practices. Cited with endangering nearby drinking wells and groundwater, te Velde is now fighting to keep the operation running.
 among other issues all too familiar to the neighbors of Wisconsin CAFOs.
Manure discharge from Kewaunee CAFO

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