Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Who needed those axed climate scientists, & their expertise? We did.

[8/28/18 update: Storms headed to all of central and southern WI just projected as worst in recent days:
Severe weather risk upgraded to 'enhanced'; heavy rain, large hail, 60 mph winds possible
"Flooding impacts will be closely tied to where the heaviest rainfall occurs," the Weather Service said. "The risk for flooding will be highest where heavy rain has already fallen over the last week or so." 
That includes just about every locale from the southwest corner of Wisconsin to the Fox River Valley. 
This is the weather radar statewide as of 1:25 p.m: Western WI in the thick of it, all moving east.
Walker's official Twitter webpage Tuesday morning said he's monitoring the flooding in La Crosse, though his personal page leads with: 
 35 minutes ago35 minutes agoMoreFoxconn Bonus!
But back to La Crosse and Governor Johnny-Come-Lately:

If you signed a public pledge to ignore climate change science, deleted climate change science and also deleted links to valuable climate change-storm materials from state webpages which said our changing climate was likely to bring heavier flooding.

And fired the experts who understood the predictions, you have done nothing to plan for what's happening in La Crosse, Dane County, Washington County and elsewhere this week and right now and until further notice.

Because you already had:

Ignored the wake-up calls sounding the alarms your ideology masked;

Thereby setting the table for more flooding, property damage, and loss of life in the state where you purport to be chief executive, but tell us often you are enjoying the mansion, game days, and your favorite foods.

So when the La Crosse area was hammered Monday with destructive storms as it was a year ago- - and a "crisis situation"  is unfolding right now - - you become the guy who's worse than the guy who took the batteries out of the smoke detectors.

You become the landlord who invited tenants to live in your property without providing smoke detectors in the first place, saying 'if you smell smoke, you're on your own.'

Reduced to being shown up by either a child or a lone protester.

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