Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Walker says to get in touch. Here are my 5 suggestions today.

Following up on Walker's last two official tweets:

  • 38 m. I am proud to be your Governor and I love to get out and hear from you directly ->
  • Continuing to monitor heavy rainfall with updates from the team at Wisconsin Emergency Management.
  • Let me make the following suggestions directly:

    1.  Immediately restore the climate change information pertinent to storm intensity you had the DNR delete from its official climate change web page, noted here, here, and here.

    2.  Get your name and those of other GOP politicians who take direction from you off the Koch brothers' anti-science, climate change attack and denial pledge.

    3.  Turn back the Koch brothers $1.8 million campaign ad buy - - disclosed as an historic deluge raked Dane County. 

    Talk about the worst-timed Wisconsin political news story ever.

    4.  Stop abusing the state's airplane fleet.

    5.  Write on a blackboard 100 times "I will curtail my carbon footprint and ground myself from all campaign-friendly state airplane travel."

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