Saturday, August 25, 2018

Flood waters rise; Walker tweets 'Go Pack, Go'

[Updated, below] While his fellow citizens battle flooded basements and sandbag their homes within minutes of the Governor's Mansion, this is the most recent posting on Walker's personal Twitter page:

 15 hours agoMoreAlready looking forward to a win tonight against the Raiders!

And on his official Twitter page, nothing showing him on the scene since this Thursday tweet:
 Aug 23MoreTook a look at the flood damage, visited a shelter & thanked so many wonderful volunteers. 
He did on Friday post a retweet which linked to information and a photo from #ReadyWisconsin, an arm of the state's emergency management agency, but I'm not seeing Walker with much personal involvement:
 Aug 24MoreGovernor Walker Retweeted ReadyWisconsin
Thank you to all of the volunteers helping out around Dane County who are chipping in to help their neighbors as we continue to deal with rising water levels and flooding!

I've seen him more committed to a plate of french fries or hijinx with the racing sausages.

His disinterest in what's happening in a crisis unfolding literally within blocks of his lakeside digs - - and who's sandbagging there as Lake Mendota rises? - - continues his failure to confront, and thereby enhancing, the changing climate's escalating damage to lives and property in our state, documented here.

This behavior is atypical for a Governor ten weeks from what polls say is a close election with a disaster still playing itself out in the state capitol. 

Flood warnings remain in effect in Madison through Tomorrow and thunderstorms are predicted for nearly every day through next Sunday. 

Is he even in Wisconsin?

Update! There he is. Maybe he reads this blog?
. joined me in filling sandbags today. We figured if we can do wallpaper together, we can do sandbags together.
A stupider, more superficial second line in a tweet you will not find. I'm sure people with collapsed walls, germinating black mold spores and soaked furniture will appreciate his 'concern.'

Further update, courtesy of Judith Davidoff, editor at Isthmus:
 1 hour ago
Protester suggests ’s rare public appearance in Madison is a photo op while governor shovels sand into bags held by wife at Tenney Park.



Anonymous said...

I love this picture with his security detail standing there while the protester holds the sign. This is so representative of the whole Walker administration with the exception of shoveling sand. It should be manure. It is so appropriate that Tonette is the one left holding the bag. Well done protester. You are my hero.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Scotty showed up because his polls dropped while he was MIA earlier this week. The little guy has no concept of "the right thing" if it isn't associated with donations or political advantage.

By the way, let's not forget that Walker and WISGOP have actively prevented Madison and Dane County from making adjustments to development rules and the locks, dam, and lake levels that would have lessened many of these problems.

The least that twerp can do is to fill a few sandbags.