Thursday, August 23, 2018

Foxconn spins away from commitment; conned, outfoxed Walker should quit

That thud just registering on political seismographs statewide is the sound of Walker's Foxconn con crashing to earth.

Confirming the essence of fourteen months of posts on this blog, Foxconn is backing away from the futuristic factory-building pledge for which gullible Walkerites and their gang of fake conservatives pledged billions of state and local taxpayer dollars, all to shore up Walker's failed job-creating record as he runs for a third term.

Foxconn now declines to say it plans to build type of factory named in state, local contracts
...the company on Wednesday did not offer assurances that it still plans to build the type of liquid crystal display panel plant the contracts cite..
Known as “Generation 10.5” fabrication facilities, or fabs, such plants are the largest and most expensive in the display industry... 
Foxconn’s original plans last year called for building a Generation 10.5 plant, and both the state and local agreements reached with the company define the project that way. 
Sound familiar: Here's a 2017 post about how Foxconn stiffed Pennsylvania
So while the nicely-timed-for-Walker's-re-election giddiness over some job growth here finally after six failed years in office, as well as a race between neighboring states to throw corporate welfare/public inducements Foxconn's way are on - - remember that Pennsylvania put big money on the table for a Foxconn plant that never happened there.

How Foxconn’s broken pledges in Pennsylvania cast doubt on Trump’s jobs plan
Conned and scammed, every public official from Walker on down who spouted a single Foxconn-driven talking point and voted to front the company a single dollar from 'the hard-wiring taxpayers' Walker is so fond of invoking should hand in their resignations.

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Anonymous said...

Will Tony Evers have the courage to jump on this or will he issue mealy-mouthed statements that those jobs should go to people in Racine and Milwaukee that suffer from chronic unemployement>

HINT: It has been obvious for some time now that Foxconn had no intention of highring 13,000 line/factory/assembly workers; so expect more of the same from Evers.