Saturday, August 4, 2018

NY Times revives coverage of Walker's contact with alleged Russian spy

Scott Walker's got better-than-average Teflon, but it isn't blocking the stain of Russian caviar.

The New York Times takes a five-bylined deep dive into the alleged Russian spy Maria Butina's 'peculiar' pursuit of conservative power-brokers and GOP politicos - - and whaddya know, Bucky? - - Scott Walker against makes the story:
In Ms. Butina, Mr. [Russian-politician-banker- now-US-sanctioned Aleksandr] Torshin found someone adept at engaging with powerful conservatives. She snapped pictures with prominent Republicans, including Scott Walker and other former presidential candidates. She had Thanksgiving dinner last year at the country home of Representative Mark Sanford, Republican of South Carolina. 
In fairness, Bobby Jindal, Grover Norquist, Rick Santorum, and others were  featured in the Times piece.

A pro-Walker PAC had posted photos on its website showing Torshin, Walker and Butina chumming it up during Walker's 71-day failed presidential run in 2015 - - a meeting the Times referenced on July 17, as did The Washington Post on the same day..

And while the PAC's photos did not make the Times August 4th story - - The Journal Sentinel published it on July 18 - -  let's revive it one more time since the group was called Our American Revival.
Torshin, Walker, Butina

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