Monday, August 20, 2018

Newest clean air scandal another reason to vote out GOP's Walker, Schimel

Pollute us once, shame on them.

Make it a habit, vote them out.

You really have to be looking at something egregiously contaminating for Scott Walker's corporately-managed-and-compromised DNR to question something carried out by the equally-corporately-managed-and compromised Walker ally and fellow GOP friend-of-polluters Attorney General Brad Schimel.

But that's what in fact is happening, as we saw in this Journal Sentinel report based on open records digging by aggrieved residents near a 3M factory in Wausau about a pattern of egregious air contamination - - which I can guarantee you neither Schimel. Walker, their legislative water-carriers or 3M officials would have tolerated in their backyards, or those of their friends and families.

About which I'd written in 2017, here
I'd noted last week that right-wing WI GOP Attorney General and corporate tool Brad Schimel had let the 3M corporation off without any financial penalty for air pollution violations during 2014 and 2015 at its Wausau manufacturing facilities.Smoke stacks from a factory.
Walker and Schimel will keep on serving donors while enabling skyrocketing river pollution, wetland filling by the tens of thousands of acres, manure-toxified rural tap water, state park land giveaways or even bigger air pollution already approved for Foxconn until people vote them out of office.

And replace them with principled people like gubernatorial candidate Tony Evers and Attorney General hopeful Josh Kaul

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Gma Sue said...

I hope and pray people are listening. It will take a long time to reclaim the real Wisconsin. Let's get started.