Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Contest winner forgets about a few that got away. We fill in the blanks.

So in the Vacuous Writing Sweepstakes, Walker says he's winning the 21st Century.

Two questions:

* Did any public time and resources go into producing this pre-election, propagandistic, partisan pap? After all, there is a history to consider.

* And how does a nearly-eight-year incumbent in a one party, GOP-run state manage also to win [sic] the fewest small business startup race, the pothole-repair booby prize, the most-farms bankruptcy sweepstakes and reel in the worst ranking in a deadly category no one wants on their resume - - newly-reported opioid ER admissions - -  all listed here.

Oh, and there's that one big contest that didn't go so well, but keeps on giving.
Torshin, Walker, Butina
Major contest winner, though shown here with new friends in big sweepstakes he did not win

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