Sunday, March 4, 2018

Trump The Tariff King is all Walker, Ryan's

It's embarrassing to watch Wisconsin's GOP leaders ever so cautiously try and manage the new Tariff King whose persistent crazed and destructive behaviors never provoked a true, principled break.

Assaulting women? Ah, female voters. Pfftt!

Coddling Nazis and racists? That'll blow over.

Dismantling the EPA? Now you're talking.

But now the Tariff King whom Walker endorsed from the stage of the GOP nominating convention in 2016 and whom Ryan has excused and enabled as an apprentice the Speaker could tutor is upending the state's leading Republican geniuses just as they are fine-tuning their re-election campaigns by exposing state farm products exporters and manufacturers like Harley-Davidson and MillerCoors and all sorts of smaller shops to trade war retaliation as well as higher prices for steel and aluminum which keep Wisconsin's economy afloat.

Walker responded with a meek request for reconsideration submitted "respectfully" to Trump.
Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, suit Three problems with that tact: 1. Respectfully is a four-syllable word directed at an intentional know-nothing for whom reading is a burden. 2. Trump respects no one outside of his immediate family. 3. And he does not reconsider things when doing so would be interpreted as weakness, flip-flopping.

Ryan threw together for Trump an equally timid and self-defeatingly polysyllabic plea filled with "unintended consequences" - - like no one could have possibly seen what's coming, and "moving forward," as if Ryan has any remaining cred with The Donald.

Trump still blames Ryan for foisting on the White House the hapless Reince Priebus and for failing to deliver the exhaustingly-overpromised Obamacare repeal-and-replace which mired Trump's first year in quicksand.

Do either of these Wisconsin 'leaders' understand just how Trump ended up being President, and they played key roles in what turned out to be a key electoral win for Trump that gave him the power to blow up the state's economy?
It's terrible that working Wisconsinites have to bear new burdens that Trump can create unilaterally after already being ignored while Ryan and Walker helped shower favors and tax breaks and power and prestige on their already-entitled donors.

So make sure you remind Wisconsin's GOP in every setting, and especially at the polls, that they wanted Trump, and got him - - winning!! - - and have to live it until we replace them all.

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