Monday, August 13, 2018

Trump blazes away at Harley, Walker says "CHEESE!"

Paraphrasing dead-eye Trump:
I could stand in the middle of West Juneau Avenue in Milwaukee and shoot some company and I wouldn't lose any votes. 
Or Republican endorsements. 
Certainly not the backing of WI Gov. and Trump BFF Scott Walker, whose Twitter feed is silent about Trump's Twitter attack on the 115-year-old iconic Milwaukee company whose headquarters on W. Juneau Avenue stands on the site of the original Harley-Davidson factory.

Though Walker is busy while ignoring the damage Trump is doing to Harley-Davidson, Milwaukee and Wisconsin:

 15 minutes ago

Say CHEESE! Happy to stop at Alp & Dell Cheese Store in Monroe!

News flash: Walker meekly responds without mentioning Trump's Twitter attack and endorsement of a Harley-Davidson boycott. 

Classic Walker: wait 24 hours or more before saying anything, then refusing to take Trump head-on. More Trump enabling, worse than saying nothing. 

And to think that Walker had to gall to title his life story "Unintimidated," which no one read because of its intrinsic insignificance.

Second news flash: GOP Senate hopeful Kevin Nicholson breaks with Trump over Harley boycott. What say you, Walker-and your-party's endorsed Senate candidate Leah Vukmir?


Jake formerly of the LP said...

If anything, Gov Dropout just made himself look worse with his "I wont boycott Harley and we should do what Trump says" gobbledygook.

Fitting of a lifetime politician with no independent thoughts of his own besides "How can I get donations?" abd "What do the polls say?"

Man MKE said...

Jim, I nominate you for winning today's Internet for your re-purposed version of the "I could stand in the middle of" quote. Ha! Just so.

James Rowen said...

Why, thank you!