Sunday, March 5, 2017

Some DNR web data on CAFOs stuck in 2014

The consequences of large-scale animal feeding operations (CAFOs) in Wisconsin, their manure dumping
and political implications are news-making high-profile regulatory, health and environmental issues in Wisconsin.

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, ostensibly in charge of CAFO public policy in the state, has this main CAFO information page:

Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations
Among the links on the page is one titled "State CAFO statistics with map," and, in fact, it's what comes up first in a Google search for "Wisconsin CAFO permit data."
CAFO and CAFO WPDES permit statistics
Wisconsin is home to an increasing number of Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs). The Department of Natural Resources is pleased to offer you easy access to statistics and geographical information about Wisconsin's CAFOs and the applicable Wisconsin Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (WPDES) permits.with several links including one titled "State CAFO statistics with map" which takes you to this DNR web page about CAFOs which have pollution discharge systems permits.

One link on that page takes you to information about some recent activities involving CAFO applicants, but the map link takes you a May 27, 2014 graphic, perhaps explaining why the statistics on the page's only chart also end in 2014.

The less-than-detailed chart indicates there were about 230 such operations, though a recent news story about DNR inspection staffing suggests the number is "about 285," and a DNR data base says the number is 292.

So maybe the DNR's chart needs an update:

Wisconsin CAFO WPDES permits by animal type over time
CAFO Graph

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