Tuesday, March 6, 2018

WI leads nation in increased opiod hospitalizations

For Walker and Wisconsin, this new ranking is worse than second-worst roads in the country. Worse than placing last - - repeatedly - - in business start-up activity. 

This is his worst, our shame, his shame.
Of the 16 states hit hardest by the opioid epidemic, 10 saw significant increases in hospitalizations for overdoses. The largest increase — 109 percent — was in Wisconsin. 
Walker tweets obliviously, unaware about who's in the ER, and why, when he posts now about his "push for personalized patient-centered care that treats you like a person."
 30 minutes ago30 minutes agoMoreThe liberals running for governor continue to push for more government-driven, Washington-based health care while we push for personalized, patient-centered care that treats you like a person. 
Though he did get a nice headline and self-generated news release about his hard work on the issue two years ago when he signed a letter about it.

Leadership. Salute.
Governor Walker Works to Combat Opioid Addiction in Wisconsin, Across the Nation – Office of Scott Walker 
 | In the News 
Madison – Governor Scott Walker recently joined 45 governors in signing the Compact to Fight Opioid Addiction, which was developed by and released through the National Governors Association (NGA). By signing the compact, Governor Walker agrees to bolster efforts in Wisconsin to fight the national opioid epidemic. 

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Anonymous said...

Like so many things with the Walker administration, it is a token gesture meant to make his base think he is doing something. Lincoln Hills, Kewaunee County groundwater, Green Bay dead zone, health care, school funding, broad band and on and on and on - all of these are problems he caused or exacerbated and when it came time to fix by leading he failed. He is a failure at governance.