Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Governor Pothole assigned "Scottholes" by Cap Times

The Cap Times editorially addresses Wisconsin's crumbing roads and insightfully inserts "Scottholes" into the political language.

"Scottholes" has a nice ring to it, so fill media and the airwaves with it.
Editorial: A fix-the-roads Republican should mount an anti-Scottholes challenge to Walker
I've been assigning responsibility to Walker as "Governor Pothole" for some time - - and noting that our pothole governor has actually made things worse by transferring millions in statewide road money to Foxconn - - thus accelerating the distortion in state policy-making and major highway expansion that he set in motion by supporting unfunded SE WI freeway expansion as far back as 2003.

And to connect Walker's road and budgeting damage to his equal-ideologically, special-interest driven and carelessly indifferent assault on the environment, how about:
"Fill potholes, not wetlands"

Or better yet"
"Fill Scottholes, not wetlands" 


MadCityVoter said...

Shouldn't that be "Fill the Scottholes, not the wetlands"? The only way to make it stick (like toxic sludge! Or brown water from a CAFO holding pond...) is to keep on using it every where and every way possible.

Scottholes -- has a nice ring to it :-)

Anonymous said...

Scotthole would also be a good name for the Walker's acolytes and enablers.