Tuesday, June 7, 2016

City-hating GOP legislator forgets suburbanites' ties to crime, guns

Remember the illegal gun sellers from Waukesha and Washington Counties - - portions of both counties represented by GOP State and Milwaukee-hating Rep. Janel Brandjten - -

Picture of Representative Janel Brandtjen - - who were caught selling dozens and dozens of guns illegally - - some of which ended up on the streets of Milwaukee - - records showed?

Did she read these even more recent, separate details? 
A Wauwatosa man is under federal investigation for selling guns without a proper license, buying more than 500 firearms from an outdoors store and then selling them through a website or at gun shows, according to newly unsealed court documents.
The guns, primarily used firearms, were purchased from 13 Gander Mountainstores across Wisconsin and sold through the website Gunbroker, according to a search warrant unsealed in federal court in Milwaukee last week.
Maybe Brandjten should have read the record before she popped off today blaming, threatening and otherwise trashing an entire city and its leadership for the criminal behavior of a few, and lapsed into the oldest, racially-tinged anti-urban language aimed at winning support from voters in an already-gerrymandered district feeding her at the public trough in perpetuity.

For the ill-speaking, ill-informed state legislator, more of the record:

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Anonymous said...

What about the John Doe crimes -- illegal money laundering for partisan political purposes and coordination of tax exempt nonprofits with specific candidates?

In Wisconsin, these are serious crimes mostly perpetrated by the suburbanites. Why don't these count?