Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Another Scott Walker "economic success [Sic]"

It was just a few days ago that the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development issued a flagrantly propagandistic Labor Day news release twisting data and omitting facts "to celebrate the economic success Wisconsin has enjoyed in recent years under [Walker's] leadership..."

But expect Walker & Co. to duck away, as he did when Oscar Mayer, Caterpillar, and Manitowoc Crane sent production lines or entire plants out-of-state, as yet another signature Wisconsin business shuts down a major operation:

New owner closing Brillion Iron Works; 342 workers affected
That's a huge blow to a city of only 3,200 people.

Again, no one seems willing to hold Walker accountable for state job losses and his failure to keep his highly-publicized job-creating campaign promises, but look how he loves to show up for a dose of positive PR when a plant adds jobs.

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my5cents said...

Why aren't they using WEDC funds to keep these jobs in Wisconsin? Isn't that what economic development is all about? I remember when companies were going to move or eliminate jobs in Wisconsin when Doyle was governor he was right there taking with them and trying everything possible to keep those jobs. I do not see Walker doing any of that. Or, are all of these jobs union jobs, and Walker simply does not care about them or the people affected by the job loss?